Nagarkot Tours is famous for sunrise and sunset. The Nagarkot is 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu lays a popular tourist destination offering stunning Himalayan views. Experience the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas with our Nagarkot tour packages. Escape the bustling cities for a day or two to have a complete relaxation and soak in the fresh air to rejuvenate oneself in a city of calm and close to nature. The place offers a chance to view all the Himalaya spanning from Annapurna all the way to Everest, also, enjoy a spectacular view of both sunrise and sunset.   This is a good place to get into easy, mini-treks. One can enjoy on eco trail and Nagarkot panoramic hiking trail; very friendly treks even for the beginners. There is also a popular route from Nagarkot to Chisapani that travels through the Kathmandu Valley and many do prefer this trail too. Chisapani is one of many hill stations in Nepal with incredible views of the Himalayas. <strong> </strong> So, a haven for nature lovers calls forth for rural retreat as a home-away-from-home; in a serene and beautiful location called- Nagarkot with an overwhelming sense of calmness.