Chitwan Tour Packages with safari in  Chitwan National park - With numerous national parks in Nepal, none is as paradisaical as Chitwan National Park. Located in West Nepal and is well known for its warm weather and crazy safaris. One of Asia's best national parks, for a view of its plentiful wildlife, such as one-horned rhinos, leopards, elephants, Bengal foxes, striped hyenas, Bengal tigers, sloth bears, gharial crocodiles etc. and wake up with the chirping of various types of birds- yes, a natural paradise. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thousands flock there for a safari of a lifetime.   Furthermore, the Park is recognized as one of the best conservation areas in Asia, also is the last refuge of the Bengal tiger and single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros in the world.   Get to action and take the time out for various activities like elephant back safari, bath with elephant (and get the craziest splash), canoeing, jungle walk, visit to elephant breeding center, bird watching, Tharu cultural program, view of sunset from the bank of river and have a thorough fun all along.

Places to Visit