Bardia Tours with visit of  Bardia National Park, the largest national park in the lowland Terai covering an area of 968, a haven for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. There are good chances to spot endangered species of wildlife. And enjoy jungle walks, jeep safaris, elephant safaris, rafting to give daredevils all the adrenaline levels on high, fishing, to camping trips, there is a lot Bardia National Park has to offer for visitors to enjoy. Bardia provides a raw untamed jungle experience and is not a commercial “safari” style park; henceforth, guides are mandatory so are the national park tickets. The best of the experiences are provided as it is one of the largest protected tiger habitats in the world, All the guides here will know the hotspots for tiger sightings like in Tinkuni and Kingfisher. Hence, pack your essentials and don’t forget to bring binoculars and cameras along. Here is a lifetime memory kept intact. Venturing through the jungle with your guide, definitely a scary & risky but thrilling experience- a very active and rich wildlife experience is here for sure.