Cancellation Options

After booking a tour, circumstances arise when you need to withdraw from the trip due to an emergency or other reason. In cases such as these, it is correct for you to claim a refund when you cancel the trip. provides you with the best refund and cancellation policy. The cancellation charge will be in effect as soon as we receive a written confirmation from you when you claim a refund. The refund gets processed within seven working days, to the person who made the payment earlier. The trip cancellation charges differ, the difference being the time period. The Cancellation policy is as follows:

  • We will take minimum Cancellation is 10% of the total amount.
  • On cancelling 20 days before check-in, 25% cancellation charge is applicable.
  • On cancelling 10 days before check-in, 50% cancellation charge is applicable.
  • On cancelling 5 days before check-in, 75% cancellation charge is applicable.
  • On cancelling within 24 hours before check-in, 100% cancellation is applicable (12 noon, 1 day before).

In case of a situation where the customer has to switch the trip while on the way to the destination, we will not provide you with any compensation. We will answer your refund request promptly, but we will not be responsible for any refunds if your mail does not reach us.