Tour and Hiking Adventure in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal Package combined with Culture Tour in the heart of the Country, Kathmandu. Exploring Kathmandu city for the vibe it gives is a different feeling as a whole. Covered with ancient temples, statues, Gumbas, monuments, pagodas, and natural beauty; Kathmandu has its own charm to attract visitors. Once known as the ‘abode of the gods’ perhaps true, for an amazing number of shrines of every shape and size on every street.

Then the package will turn into a crazy adventure experience with White Water Rafting. Along with the thrill it gives all together, experience the pristine natural beauty, scenic valleys, impressive gorges, unpolluted small beaches, exciting and heart pounding rapids, and dive into the river for more adrenaline rush.

Take a turn then into serene Pokhara. Its spellbinding beauty has been attracting a lot of visitors from in and around the country. Rejuvenate oneself with spectacular mountain views, serene lakeside, well-preserved traditions and of course the night-life there.

Then the tour marches to Australian Base camp hiking around Pokhara which goes around the scenic route with typical local villages- a soul healing experience with a twist of adventure.

Thus, this Adventure package tour provides visitors with an all in one trip experience with a taste of Nepal and one of the best customized Nepal tours for one week in Nepal.