Unique Experiences

Experience the heart-thumping unique tours in Nepal. Achieve it all in this magical country called Nepal. It boasts some of the best trekking trails in the world, attracting trekkers and adrenaline junkies from all corners of the world. There are numerous overwhelming things to do in Nepal to the point where you can get totally swamped while planning your trip. Nepal Package combined with Culture Tour to discover a beautiful city covered with ancient temples, statues, gumbas, monuments, pagodas, and natural beauty, heart-thumping adventures, and wildlife encounters. You’ll see there is an interesting yet month-watering cuisine to taste, truly kind people who welcome, and a deep spiritual side of the country to explore. There are lists out there of 100 different places to visit and 1000 different things to do in Nepal. From walking the tough trails to reach to the Everest, to tasting the local  Nepali cuisines, being part of vibrant jatras in the city, to visiting the birth place of Buddha, to seeing Tibetan culture at Boudha stupa, to meeting the living goddess, to collecting yarsagumba herbs with your bare hands, to getting spiritual, to so many other stuffs to do…. Nepal is where once is never ever enough.