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Looking for Retreat Tours  in Nepal? Of course! What country could be possibly better for Yoga and meditation than the birthplace of Buddha? And where better setting for yoga and meditation than in the lap of the enormous Himalayan mountains?  A nation of deep spiritual history, magnificent mountains and rich cultural norms and tradition, drawing adventurers from across the globe to connect with majestic landscapes, surreal energies, and greater faith, Nepal attracts yogis and spiritual seekers from every corner of the world. Whether you are looking to begin your yoga adventure, deepen your existence, find entighten for yourself with yoga and meditation practices or just to relax and enjoy this tranquil yogic environment, Nepal welcomes you with its full heart.  You will find many popular yoga centers in different cities of the country. As per the choice for the settings, you can start your journey. It could be Kathmandu for the cultural setting, it could be Pokhara for the serene setting or Lekhnath or Pharping or even to the himalayas. Choice is yours.  Rebalance your mind, body, and soul while you dive deep into your inner world to find yourself in a country so incredible, so refreshing and so inspiring: Nepal – get ready to experience incredible growth and healing.

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