Family Tours

Tailored Family Tour in Nepal for Unforgettable Adventures

Family Tours in Nepal is a very wonder filled tour package for you and your family. Spend quality time away from all the tensions in the world for a few days to connect with the best of the countries which have all the natural and cultural setting for the visitors to dive into a magical land. This will be a one of a kind of relaxation trip where family members can all have fun together.   The astonishing natural wonders so rich in culture, history, adventure, and natural beauty will make the trip all worthwhile. Land in the majestic hypnotic capital city, Kathmandu and begin your cultural trip and take it to the adventure level, the way you want and unto the snow capped dazzling mountains. Spot tigers and rhinos at Chitwan National Park, see the monkeys at Swayambhunath, popularly known as the monkey temple. Take the kids trekking and let them understand the way of living up in the mountains, book a jungle adventure and dive in for white water rafting- a definite thrilling experience to take home to. Take your Nepal tour packages for family on an unforgettable helicopter ride to the Everest Base Camp. Later, visit the serene Pokhara and go forth with paragliding adventure and feel like a bird. Shop souvenirs and pack it up for friends and family back home. And along the way, try local dishes like momos and dal bhat and enjoy your trip to Nepal with your family to the fullest. Nepal is calling and yes, you and your family are invited to our doorsteps.